May 11, 2015

The Tip of The Day

Part Two


It takes two to tango, so the old saying goes. Well, that too can be said of liquid handling robots (, really, I mean it. I am an Arthur Murray dropout. Work with me on this one...)

A large majority of liquid handling robots require the use of disposable pipette tips. As mentioned in part one of this post, many OEM manufacturers have a vested interest in providing their own tips. That can be expensive, and with good reason. Most liquid handling robot manufacturers only make tips for their own robots. On the other hand, there are a number of third party vendors who provided comparable tips at significantly reduced prices. How is that possible? Simple, they provide tips for many, if not all, brands, makes and models of liquid handling robots. As such, the sheer scale of their operational commitments to tip manufacturing allows them to create and distribute tips for less.

In January of this year, Biodirect (parent company of The LabSquad) announced a new partnership with Biotix (San Diego, CA). Before I highlight the benefits of this partnership, let me provide a brief overview:

Biotix - manufactures very high quality, OEM comparable automation and manual pipette tips. If you are a VWR customer, you can order them online. They currently offer tips for Agilent/Velocity11, Beckman Coulter, Caliper/Perkin Elmer, Tecan and other robots.

Biodirect - for over 14yrs has been the industry leader in providing high quality refurbished lab instruments, particularly liquid handling robots. Refurbished robots from Biodirect can be had for 50-70% the cost of a new robot and come with 6-12 month warranties.

The LabSquad - provides preventative and corrective maintenance services on liquid handling robots and all the peripheral instruments commonly found in those labs (washers, sealers, pcr, readers...etc.). The LabSquad emphasizes the use of PM's as alternatives to expensive OEM service contracts.

Under this new partnership, Biotix will provide consumables to Biodirect who will perform all quality testing of refurbished liquid handlers (including Artel dye testing) using Biotix tips and other consumables. Additionally, every newly refurbished unit will ship with a starter kit of Biotix consumables at no charge to customers. The LabSquad performs gravimetric and/or Artel QC tests as a standard part of field based PM's and will now do so utilizing Biotix tips and consumables. LabSquad engineers will also work with customers who need assistance in transitioning from their current tips into Biotix tips.

The combined efforts of these three groups presents enormous value to our customers who will save significant time and money. Now, for the first time users can purchase a wide variety of liquid handling robots of any brand/model with warranties and recieve coordinated service and consumables support.

Whereas, OEM manufacturers can only provide such products and services for their own brand, The Biodirect/LabSquad/Biotix alliance takes on the appearance of an 'uber' solutions provide. Too bad the Uber name is already taken...