October 15, 2014

Lean Maintenance

"You're a LEAN...MEAN...FIGHTING...MACHINE!"  -Bill Murray, Stripes 1981 

Classic mtl_files/labsquad/blog_images/You Just Never Know/lean-mean-fighting-machine.jpgovie line, and with a bit of manipulation, an apt description for how many labs go about supporting their instrumentation.    Lean, is a concept well known to many manufacturering operations and it's core roots are that of continuous improvement, which is of course finding great interest within research labs.  

Lean Maintenance is a proactive approach that favors planned maintenance (PM's) instead of the tradiional annual service contract approach.   Annual service contracts are a luxury that most labs (large and smal) can no longer afford.   Large labs especially, are moving toward the PM approach for severl key reasons;

  • It's proactive - good PM's can find problems before they become critical, resulting in greater uptime.

  • It's pragmatic - mananging multiple service contracts can be very time consuming.

  • It's cost effective -  service contracts costs are a budget killer.

A good PM procedure (one that mirrors the OEM's) requires smaller upfront investments that pale in comparison to annual service contracts costs, which are typically 10-15% of purchase price...year after year.   PM's often provide so much cost savings that users are only contacting manufacturers when something breaks.

Finally, in an upcoming post I will talk about some specific strategies for Lean Maintenance.  For now, just think twice before you automatically sign up of an expensive service contract...there are alternatives.


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