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September 9, 2019 by Kevin Keras

Won't You Please, Please YELP Me?

Bad service.   

Everybody has experienced bad service at some point in their personal or professional life.

I recently had dinner at a popular Cape Cod restaurant with a large group (13).  Keeping tabs on thirteen people is not an easy task, especially in the middle of summer and when you have other tables to  attend to.  There are certain core responsibilities/skills that great waitstaff have to have in order to do their jobs, not the least of which is attention to detail.   Good waiters don't 'wait' for your water or cocktail to go empty, they are pro-active.   

This does two things...first, it makes the customer feel as though their needs are foremost in the staffs mind and it also builds a relationship and buys a measure of compassion should something go awry.   Like spilling hot clam chowder (true story) on the bare leg of the customer...   In such a catastrophic moment, everybody notices that faux pas and observes how the staff and management handle it...or (in this case) don't.   

Long story short, everything went down hill from there.  And, to exacerbate things, this was not the first time I experienced poor service at this place.   I was willing to give them another chance but now, they have lost my business.

Fortunately, diners can go to a service like YELP and log their experiences...which I did.  I am now a pro-active diner and use YELP before I go to a new restaurant.   It got me thinking though, why isn't there a similar service for business to business (B2B) service organizations?  At TheLabSquad we have wall filled with client testimonials regarding their great service experiences.   On the rare occasion that someone does not have a 'letter worthy' service issue, we communicate with them directly and do our best to understand their concerns. 

Attention to detail.  It matters no matter what or who you service.

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