LabSquad Can Support Obsoleted Instruments!

LabSquad Can Support Obsoleted Instruments!

Decommission old assets on your timeline, not the OEM’s. Got an instrument that the OEM would rather not support? It’s not uncommon as instrument vendors introduce newer models, it becomes difficult in not impossible, to support these obsoleted products. The LabSquad can help you continue operations with these assets until you are ready to replace them.

Got a favorite thermal cycler or liquid handler? Everybody does. Maybe the original OEM got acquired and your instrument is now ‘discontinued.’ Any number of vendors are probably lining up to sell you a replacement but there is nothing wrong with yours. Keep using it, we say! Hey, why not? So long as parts are still available and you have the need for it, go for it. What, the OEM can’t provide parts or PM’s? We can help.

The LabSquad has created PM parts kits for dozens of common lab instruments. These parts have been carefully manufactured and tested to ensure optimal performance. We even have access to complete units and can often help source parts the OEM can no longer find!

Broad Institute
Bristol Myers Squibb

We Support New, Used & Obsoleted Lab Instruments