How can we work on so many instruments?

tl_files/labsquad/blog_images/a_robot/tecan-evo.pngtl_files/labsquad/pages/home/Plate-Washers.pngDue to our roots in the refurbished instrument business, The LabSquad has amassed a vast library of documented and tested procedures. Thousands of person-hours have been invested in researching and documenting OEM procedures, then testing them on actual instruments. In most cases, a LabSquad PM procedure mirrors the OEM procedure and may even include additional measure the OEM does not provide.



Before a LabSquad tech is allowed to perform a PM procedure, he or she must perform the same procedure numerous times at our facility. New techs are shadowed in the field by more experienced supervisors to ensure that each procedure is followed exactly as written. By the time you see a LabSquad tech in your lab (you can easily spot them by their snappy looking red shirts) you can be assured that they have mastered our rigorous training process.

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