Do you really need an OEM Service Contract?

tl_files/labsquad/pages/about/HANDSUP-300x208.jpgBudgets are tight, and every dollar counts. Typical service contracts or extended warranties generally cost 10-15% of the new list price of an instrument. Think twice before you renew! Traditional service contracts may not be the best value...

How many instruments do you have in your lab, and from how many vendors? Are you spending too much or your budget on service contracts, or forgoing any maintenance due to high costs? Most instrument manufacturers offer a suite of “customized” service contract options, most of which include one or more periodic maintenance (PM) visits. The real value in these contracts is the PM.

Just as changing the oil and filters in your car can prevent catastrophic failures, a proper PM can do the same for lab instruments.

The LabSquad provides OEM style PM procedures for far less than traditional contracts. Our detailed procedures mirror that of the OEM and in many cases goes beyond their requirements. Unlike OEM’s, who only service their products, The LabSquad can support multiple instruments.

One phone call, numerous products, multiple vendors – increased cost savings without compromising quality.

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