August 2013

August 14, 2013

Liquid Handling Buying Guide has just published a very thorough guide for anyone looking at purchasing a new liqutl_files/labsquad/blog_images/do_i_really_need_part_one/tecan-evo.pngid handler.

You can also find many liquid handling product specs listed on their site by clicking here.

Of course, if you are budget constrained and need a great liquid handler at reduced pricing take a look at

August 7, 2013

Lab Instrument Support Survey

New MVS Survey

Oh behalf of HTStec, The LabSquad is pleased to inform you that their latest survey titled "LAB INSTRUMENT SUPPORT STRATEGIES TRENDS 2013" is now underway. 

"Proper maitl_files/labsquad/blog_images/Survey/Survey/survey.jpgntenance of laboratory instrumentation is an important consideration to ensure that lab assets remain available to researchers. Minimizing downtime makes the research process more efficient. A variety of support options are available from original equipment manufacturers (OEM), small third party independent service organizations (ISO), large multi-vendor service (MVS) providers and internal support staffs. Understanding the needs of lab users is essential for service providers to ensure customer success."

If you count on your lab instruments being in 'research ready; condition, please take a moment and fill out this most important survey.    JUST CLICK HERE